Got an old t-shirt? Use it to make a headband for yourself!

By on Aug 2nd

I saw this pin on Pinterest recently in which someone used a baby's old shirt to make a headband for the baby. I had this dress/shirt thing that I loved — unfortunately I only got to wear it once before it fell victim to my child and his elastic-strap-busting habit. I decided to use it for this, though it's worth mentioning here that the headband would be cuter if I had used a solid colored fabric — you can't really see the pattern in this. I digress! Here's how I did it:

What you need

  • Old shirt/fabric
  • Scissors
  • Some kind of adhesive

How you do it

1. Cut two strips of fabric.

2. Loop one of them!

3. Form the second piece of fabric into a U and lay it on top of the loop.

4. Tie a knot (any kind you want to, really) with the two pieces.

5. Cut off a small piece of fabric to use to bind everything together.

6. Attach!

And ta-da! Instant headband. I wore it around for 30 or so minutes while my hair dried — it didn't pull on my wet hair like other headbands have in the past, and there was a surprise bonus in that my hair was extra wavy/curly around where the headband had laid.

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