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Planet-friendly bath and hygiene products… for your pets

By on Jul 26th

Photo by Adria Richards, used under Creative Commons license.

My zeal for all things environmentally-friendly doesn't stop with our two dogs — if anything, it intensifies. We have two dogs: a a 25 lb whippet mix with sensitive skin (really, sensitive everything — if you know whippets and the like, you know what I mean) and a thirteen-week-old pitbull puppy. I have spent many months (and probably a small fortune) testing out various shampoos and toothpastes that are Earth-friendly AND also get along well with our whippet mix's ultra-sensitive skin, and here are the best ones I've found:

Earthbath All Natural Tea Tree and Aloe Shampoo: I can't sing the praises highly enough about this shampoo! Seriously. If ever there were a pet shampoo worth getting super stoked about, this is the one. All the ingredients are natural and non-toxic, and the shampoo won't wash off any flea meds you may be using. It's around $8 a bottle (we found ours at a local Earth Fare, but you can buy it online as well), which is awesome — we wash our dog once a week and/or as needed, and her coat has never been more shiny or soft. BEHOLD:


Pretty pretty! Photo by Stephanie Kaloi.

Don't worry, cat fans: they have a cat shampoo and conditioner in ONE as well.

I have only heard good things about Olive Green Goods for Modern Dogs Bubble + Squeak Shampoo, and it was next on our list before we discovered Earthbath. The mixture includes peppermint and rosemary for deoderizing and hemp oil to give your favorite furries a shiny coat — plus it's sulfate and detergent free. DOUBLE PLUS: everything's 100% biodegradable!

We've only had dogs, so I'm not sure if this applies to cats, but our vet is BIG advocate of brushing dogs' teeth. We've been checking out all that's organic and friendly in that department as well. So far the best we've found is EZ Dog Pet Toothpaste. OF COURSE, if you're not into buying toothpaste for your furball you can use baking soda or make your own.

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