Make art out of band tees so you can prove you listened to them way back when

Guestpost by Cindy on Jan 12th

I stopped buying band t-shirts at concerts a long time ago because they never fit quite right. Men's tees are too big and the girl's "babydoll" sized tees are always too little, even if they claim to be an extra large. I didn't learn that lesson until I accumulated a small collection of them. I kept them for sentimental reasons, and because I thought that maybe the band would become popular and I could be one of those annoying people who say they listened to them before everyone else. I'd have the t-shirt to prove it.

That hasn't happened, so I decided I should do something crafty with them. I thought about making a t-shirt quilt, but I didn't have enough shirts or patience to take on such a large project.

After seeing a tutorial using embroidery hoops and fabric samples to make wall art, I decided to do the same using that bag of t-shirts in the back of my closet. If you don't want to go the music route, you can use any shirt with an interesting logo or design, or another piece of clothing with a pattern you like.

What you'll need:

You can buy embroidery hoops in various sizes, so pick up one that will work with the size of the logo on your shirt. If you want to be extra crafty, spray paint the outer hoop to match.

Loosen the screw and take the hoop apart. Put the inner hoop inside the shirt, underneath the design, and see how it works in the space. Slide the outer hoop onto the front of the shirt, tighten the screw, and center your logo. Pull the fabric between the two hoops so that it's snug, but not so taut that you stretch the design. Tighten the screw again, if needed. Cut off the rest of the fabric but leave an inch around the edge.

Run a line of glue around the top of the inner hoop and press down the edges of the fabric. If you're using fabric glue, be careful not to get any on the back of the fabric because it may seep through to the front. Let it dry and it's ready to hang.

You can create a wall showcasing your awesome taste in music by putting them alongside framed concert posters or a shadowbox of your ticket stubs.

And, if that band does become popular among the masses, you can point to your wall of music memorabilia and say you listened to them first. You'll still have the t-shirt to prove it.

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