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Oh shit, we bought a house! What now?

Guestpost by Siouxzi Donnelly on Feb 20th

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So the call came from my realtor today: our offer was accepted, we got the house. It's been a long wait but to be fair, not too bad of one considering it's a short sale property with two liens and both banks had to negotiate amongst themselves as to who would get what. Truthfully, you can't complain when it only takes five months to buy a short sale (and Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's all fell in that time).

We expected to get the house but since it was a short sale, we had no idea of the timeline — so it's not like we've been planning anything.

I called my husband and told him, "Oh shit, we bought a house." He said, "Okay, we need to sit down tonight and make a list…" A list of what? He owned a house well before I met him so he's gone through this before; but we've been together seven years now, which means that house was long long ago and what to prepare for was a distant memory.

What I need is a checklist — and I don't mean things like get an inspection and such because that's been done. We've got a house that we need to prepare to move in to, so what do we need to do? I mean, I get the change of address to the USPS and the utilities, pack, get a rental truck for the small stuff and price movers for the furniture but what else is there?

One person gave me a tip a few weeks ago, "if nothing else, paint the closets before you move in otherwise you'll either never do it." — That's a really really good tip I never would have thought of.

So you brilliant Offbeat Home-owners out there: what tips do you have from when you bought a house?

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