Yes Style: maternity clothing that probably won't make you gag

Updated Oct 12 2015
Maternity Nursing Tank Top, $25.
I can't tell you why I still cruise maternity wear even though I have no plans to grow another human being, but I do. My current favorite online shop is Yes Style. The company is based in South Korea but happily ships all over the world — orders under $150 have a flat $9.99 shipping rate, and you get free US shipping if you spend more than $150 (you can find out what shipping is to your corner of the world right here). The flat shipping rate is fortuitous, because some of the maternity wear is AMAZING and it's nice knowing what shipping will be ahead of time.

Some of this stuff is pricey, so I know it's not for everyone — sometimes it's just fun to window shop. Let's peruse, shall we?

I like putting together fictional outfits, so here's what I created. Unless otherwise noted, all clothing comes in sizes M-XL:

Quirky, colorful maternity

Maternity V-Neck T-Shirt Dress ($42), Maternity Color-Block Leggings ($21), Maternity Puppy-Printed T-Shirt ($45).

Boho hippie (with cash) maternity

Maternity Eyelet-Lace Tunic ($29.40), Maternity Distressed Skinny Jeans ($85), Maternity Rosette Elbow-Sleeve Pullover ($38).

Maternity wear for those who favor dark colors

Maternity Gathered-Waist Dress ($65), Maternity Lettering Leggings ($40), Maternity Striped Pullover Dress ($48).

Maternity-to-nursing wear

Maternity Striped Nursing Tunic ($58), Maternity V-Neck Nursing T-Shirt ($42).

Those are my favorites — what are yours?