Do you know your way around a pregnant belly?

July 16 2010 | offbeatbride
26 wks + 5 days baby diagram
Photo submitted to the OBM Flickr pool by Kirsten. Thanks!

Kirsten made this handy-dandy map, and kindly sent it over to our Flickr Pool so everyone could fawn over it. She also writes the blog Team Ewan, which is all about her yet-to-be-born son, Ewan, and Tetralogy of Fallot, which he has been diagnosed with. You can read all about everything here.

  1. Well, one thing is for sure, I am totally Team Ewan now! And, now have ANOTHER blog to be slightly addicted to lol!

  2. Cute! And, Go team Ewan! Our son was born with 3 heart defects and will be a lifelong cardiac patient- my heart goes out to you guys.

    • i've got a friend who's (now 3 yr old) daughter has had multiple heart surgeries, beginning upon entry. if you are interested in connecting with another family who's recently been down a really similar road, let me know, they've got a family blog and are on facebook and are very approachable…my heart goes out to you!

    • Whoa! It was working when I put it in there last weekend. HMM. I'll take it out of the featured posts and contact the person about it. Thanks!

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