Yep, there's a safe child's car seat that fits in your pocket(!)

Updated Jun 21 2019
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Yep, there's a safe child's car seat that fits in your pocket

I was introduced to a truly neat, seriously overdue concept: a super safe child safety seat that condenses down to the size of a medium cup of coffee. Seriously. When I saw it, I knew it was something I wanted to share with y'all who have kids.

Our partner, WhizRider (currently 325% funded on Indiegogo!), is the only ultra-portable car safety seat option for children. It weighs less than a pound, secures in about 20 seconds, and is perfect for traveling, cabs and other rideshares, and for keeping on hand whenever you need it. Basically, if you've got access to a seat belt, you're all set. Plus, it literally can fit in your pocket.

The founders and their families!

The WhizRider was invented by two fathers who were struggling to find a solution to secure their children and get around safely. Taxis and rideshares never come with car seats, and they were forced to choose between lugging around a big, difficult to install and remove car seat or just staying home. I'm honestly surprised a compact safety seat hadn't been a thing yet, and this one is exactly what they needed.

Yep, there's a safe child's car seat that fits in your pocket

Ways to use a WhizRider

  • Pack it into your carry-on while on vacation
  • Have your babysitter, grandparents, or other caregivers keep hold of one so you're not lugging a huge car seat every time you drop your kids off
  • Keep one in your bag for traveling around town in cabs, Lyfts/Ubers, and rental cars
  • Use them for multiple kids in the backseat (they're a lot smaller than other car seats so you can actually use all of the seat belts in the car!)
Yep, there's a safe child's car seat that fits in your pocket
Yep, there's a safe child's car seat that fits in your pocket

Yeah, but is it safe?

This is, of course, the most important question. And thankfully, it is! Here's the scoop from the experts on safety:

  • Designed for children from 3 to 10 years of age (30 to 80 lbs)
  • Crash tested to exceed U.S. Federal Safety Standards regulated by NHTSA
  • Key safety features: anti-submarining leg loops and active seat belt positioning clips
  • Certified as a carbon neutral manufacturer, and all their suppliers are bluesign® or OEKO-TEX® certified.
  • All of the components of WhizRider are produced with  non-toxic substances
  • Guaranteed with a 35 day refund policy
  • You can read about their safety specs here. Oh, and some more FAQs since I know you'll want to max out your knowledge when it comes to safety and how-tos.
Yep, there's a safe child's car seat that fits in your pocket
Yep, there's a safe child's car seat that fits in your pocket
Yep, there's a safe child's car seat that fits in your pocket

If you want to try out the WhizRider or learn more about it, head over to Indiegogo for more videos, how-tos, and of course, to back it and get one of your own.

  1. Although this may have some convenience aspects, you should ideally keep a child rear-facing as long as possible. My state (Maine) just passed a law saying children 40 lbs and under must be kept rear-facing. When I was a CPST, we educated caregivers to keep their child rear-facing for as high as their seat allowed. So, although the ratings for this say that it's for 30-80 lbs, I'd say to only use it for emergencies for the smaller kids. It should also be tested first with each child to make sure that the seat belt actually hits the kid in the right spot (I've seen some pics of similar products where the seat belt still comes across the neck/jaw).

    • We have a ride safer vest too. It it fantastic. It is tempting to buy this because it is even smaller (the ride safer vest is foam and so doesn’t fold as easily—i would estimate it would still fit in a gallon sized zip lock) but I don’t really need it.

  2. I LOVE this! My brother (kiddos 3 and 5) hasn’t come to visit me al the way across the country yet, citing kid stuff. I got a toddler mattress for free from a neighbor, but didn’t want to buy a car seat and having it take up room in the garage JUST in case they came. I’m totally getting one of these and using it as a carrot-dangle to finally get them all here.

    Thanks OBH as always for finding shit I didn’t even know I needed….!

  3. We have something similar (MiFold) for when we're traveling. How does this one work? Have any offbeat families or has anyone at the empire used it with kids?

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