Heather Kent creates magical hand-painted watercolor jewelry for all

January 13 2012 | offbeatbride
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This whale and child necklace has me a little teary-eyed with it's preciousness.

Our sponsor Heather Kent must be some kind of jewelry-crafting wonder woman! She hand-paints watercolor pieces (necklaces, tie clips, and earrings) that are so full of whimsy I keep finding myself humming while writing this ad. The necklaces are tiny — 1 x 1.5 inches — which are part of their appeal: each creation is like a little bit of magic you can WEAR. Her prices are amazing for the quality — you'll be getting very spectacular artwork for under $55, and some pieces are as low as $28!

As a photographer, I was immediately drawn to this camera necklace.

Heather coats each painting with a crystal clear protective resin, which yields both high-quality and highly gorgeous pieces. Unlike a lot of jewelry you'll find in stores, Heather's pieces are all original works, and she specializes in custom orders. In fact, she can paint almost anything you might want — which would make your order all the more special.

The latest creation is her Vintage-inspired Flower Garden necklace, which is wildly popular as of late:

The Flower Garden necklace makes me feel like I've gone back in time in a boho, hippie kind of way.

There are quite a few that would make stellar Valentine's Day gifts.. in case you're looking:

An anatomical heart necklace?! I think I just experienced a premature ventricular contraction.
Do you know someone who hearts books and coffee? This might be perfect for them!

As I mentioned, Heather also crafts for dudes (and anyone who likes to wear ties!): give her tie clips, like this one adorned with paint brushes, a look-see! If those aren't his bag, I'm a wee bit infatuated with these Rubik's Cube cuff links:

Rubik's Cube cuff links?! Perfect for when your nerdy dude finds himself needing to be dapper.

Heather's shop is very helpfully divided into categories, like Quirky/Hobby (knitting, painting, cycling, traveling, etc.), Animals (lovebirds, cats playing hide-and-seek, and owls galore!), Culinary (macaroons! fortune cookies! bacon!), and Nature. And for those of you Offbeat Bride cross-over hits (I KNOW some of you are lurking!), just know that she does have some special offers on her Etsy page for brides and bridesmaids… I highly suggest you run yourselves over to Heather Kent's Etsy shop and spend a few merry hours wish-listing and purchasing!

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