Hot vintage, retro, and industrial lights from ParrotUncle

October 9 2015 | offbeatbride
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retro industrial style pendant light with dish like shade
retro industrial style pendant light with dish like shade

Let's dim the lights and get a little up-close and personal with these sexy vintage retro industrial lights from our sponsor ParrotUncle. ParrotUncle offers a huge and creative selection of home lightings. I'm talking from vintage Tiffany-style lightings to contemporary styles like these bad boys…

4 Candle-Like Shade Pendant Light with Matte Black Iron Frame
4 Candle-Like Shade Pendant Light with Matte Black Iron Frame

How cool are these pendant lights that combine faux candles and geometric shapes. I especially love the way these look in an modern kitchen setting like the one above. Speaking of geometric shapes, I'm super in love with these pendant lights. (And they're only $57 — me want!)


If you're looking for lighting that makes a giant statement without taking a giant hit on your wallet, ParrotUncle is now your go-to. Most everything on the site is listed at discounted prices. But your wallet is about to get happier, just as your room is about to get brighter, because this section has 20% off of all lighting, and even 30% off on selected lines — check 'em out.

parrot uncle industrial lighting


Among their high quality, yet reasonably-priced, but also super-rad lighting, ParrotUncle has amazing customer experience — including expert advice and support throughout your project. Speaking of your project, shouldn't you be shopping for the perfect lighting for your space? I thought so… find more info and find your favorite light fixture over here.

As always, thanks to ParrotUncle for sponsoring Offbeat Home & Life. It's because of sponsors like them that we can keep running!

  1. These are all exactly my style! Now I just need a house. Guess I'll have to settle with pinning this on my pinterest board, for my future home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thank you so much for these! I've been slowly replacing the 90's-builder-grade-chic light fixtures in my entire house (with the help of my former-electrician husband!) and these are exactly the style I'm looking for to use on the VERY LAST ONE TO REPLACE! (Cue huge sigh of relief on my part.) Thanks again for having awesome sponsors ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. OMG yes! I've been looking for something to replace the very sad looking flush mount lights in our hallway. They're these sad builders grade things from the 70s (not the cool part of the 70s, the cheap mass-produced part of the 70s).

  4. The husband and I are looking at a 70s mod ranch house and trying to find a way to meld our log cabin style with its architecture. A lot of these might be the way to go! Here's hoping the dominoes line up to where we can get that house and try it!

  5. For a dining set up, this will be a good idea. In fact, it changes the mood or theme of the place as well and makes it become more retro. The idea is really appealing to the eye and thanks for sharing more diy tips from this post of yours,

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