Self-love Valentine's sparkles from Brilliant Earth

January 29 2010 | offbeatbride
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So yeah: Valentine's day is almost here. Yawn. We all get sick of all plastic hearts and pressure to appropriately say "I Love You" on Official Express Your Love day. But I'm here to say that Valentine's Day shouldn't just be about showing OTHERS that you love them. As mamas, I think we all spend a lot of time expressing our love to our partners and children. What about a little self-love?

In that vein, I've got a few eco-conscious baubles from Offbeat Mama's most dedicated sponsor, Brilliant Earth. If you've read Offbeat Mama or Offbeat Bride for a while, you've seen Brilliant Earth before — they specialize in ethically-sourced conflict-free diamonds, fair-trade gemstones and 100% recycled metals. They donate 5% of their profits to African communities that have been affected by the jewelry trade. Basically, if you want bling that isn't dripping in blood, Brilliant Earth is the way to go.

Anyhoo, here are a few of my favorite Valentine's Day self-love gifts from Brilliant Earth:

  1. Under $100: Personalized recycled sterling silver charm pendant. Pair an initial charm with a heart charm, or choose an Om symbol or lotus flower.
  2. Under $250 –Wave pendant with ethically sourced blue sapphire in sterling silver. Get a little fluid dynamics in your day with this wave.
  3. Under $500 – 18K white gold Tahitian pearl stud earrings. These organic, sustainably-cultured Tahitian pearls are a modern take on a classic.
  4. Under $1000 – Diamond Flower Pendant. Love nature? Love bling? This playful, stylish flower pendant sparkles with diamond-encrusted petals.
  5. <a href="" rel="nofollow"Pink Lab-Created Diamonds Love diamonds? Love science? Skip over all the ethical issues surrounding diamonds by getting one custom created for you in a lab. It's pink! It's techy! It's the geeky bling-lovers dream.

Buying yourself bling for Valentine's Day isn't everyone's cup of tea, but if you're considering it … Brilliant Earth is definitely the best place to do it!

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