12 unusual gift ideas from real SoKind Registries

Updated Oct 18 2015
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We've already showed you that our sponsor SoKind is a fully customizable registry service that encourages the giving of homemade gifts, charitable donations, and experiences, instead of your traditional blender and bedding registry.

Now the question is what gifts do you really need for your house warming or baby registry? SoKind knows that your most-needed gifts don't always fit in a box. That's why they just went through the eye-crossing task of scouring a few hundred of their real-life SoKind registries, and pulled out 11 real gift ideas, perfect for your house or baby-having times…

Home-cooked Donnerstagslunch
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1. Home-cooked meals

Moving? Just had a freaking baby? Who has time to cook and feed themselves after that? Let your friends give you the gift of a much-needed and super-convenient home-cooked meal.

2. Babymoon

People have honeymoon registries, why not babymoon registries? Hotel stays, dinners out, and bucket list life experiences you want to check off before you lose a lot of your free time — there are tons of things you can put on a babymoon registry.

3. Gift cards

Know where you want to eat/shop, but not exactly sure when you'll be able to? Then, duh, gift cards are the perfect ask.

Hexagon Quilt - top
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4. Homemade quilts

Who would love a cosy quilt for their brand new guest room or human? Sure you could buy one. But isn't a specially hand-made quilt even better?

5. Personal concert

Actual wording: "Are you a skilled musician? Have some pieces you’re particularly proud of? We’re all music lovers, and would love the opportunity to hear you."

6. Tattooed romper

No words, just this:

Tattoo Print Rockabilly Vintage Inspired Unisex Baby Romper from Etsy seller KamnationClothing
Tattoo Print Rockabilly Vintage Inspired Unisex Baby Romper from Etsy seller KamnationClothing

7. Maternity/Paternity leave fund

Actual wording: "We will be hibernating at home with our little squirmy one, and hope to do so for the first month as a family. We are lucky enough to have flexible jobs, but a little peace of mind goes a long way when you’re not bringing home the bucks!"

8. Weeding help

Have weed whacker will travel? You could teach your friends, who just bought their first home with a yard, how to attack the grounds. Or maybe you have the weed whacker, but need someone to wack the weeds since the only time your baby sleeps is when it's being held. Either way, those weeds aren't going to whack themselves.

9. Help decorate the baby’s room

You may have the skills to be a parent, but that doesn't mean you have interior design skills. Put it out there that you need help designing a nursery, and watch your stylish friends rush to help. I know, I'd much rather help you pick out bedding, then help you pick out onesies.

10. Home repairs

Bought a total fixer-upper and need a lot to fix her up? Ask for help, yo! Let your home-repair savvy friends use their skills as gifts.

This is why I call this little goober "baseball head." #Alya #puppy #bostonterrier
Photo by Megan Finley

11. Give some extra lovin’ to our dog

Is your dog feeling depressed because some new human is taking all the attention? Is he not getting walked as much because you just passed said human out of your bottom half, and don't feel up for long walks at the moment? Is she needing to be crated as you move all your crap from one home to another home? Let your dog-loving friends turn their pouty muzzles into happy muzzles with their lovin' arms.

12. Make some artwork for our new home

Gift needers: Let your artistic friends donate their skills to your brand new walls. Gift givers: Maybe your new hobby is pottery — think about spinning a special piece for your friends who just bought a house!

As always, thanks to SoKind for not only sponsoring Offbeat Home & Life but for giving us all such awesomely unique gift ideas! Head over here to see even MORE awesome ideas and start your own registry for free. Then tell us, what unusual items are you now inspired to put on YOUR home or baby registry?

  1. This is a good list! Yard work help and love for the dog are probably the two biggest things we need right now with a newborn in the house. I knew my big pregnant belly would keep me from helping with the yard, but somehow I forgot that after the baby came I'd still be stuck inside – the signal for the monitor doesn't extend to the part of the yard that needs the most TLC, and even if it did the baby has a strong sense of Murphy's Law when it comes to sleep/parental convenience. As for the dog, I'm trying to keep with the mindset of "a tired dog is a happy dog" but my opportunities to take her out for a walk are limited.

  2. When my twins turned one my friends gave us a gift basket with movie tickets and homemade coupons for babysitting. My friends paired up and created a cute little coupon good for 1 night of babysitting.

    A gift registry where friends could sign up for babysitting would be awesome for the new parent. For date night, for parent nap time, for solo coffee break, etc.

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