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October 26 2012 | offbeatbride
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A few weeks ago, regular Offbeat Mama contributor Georgia Brizuela added this photo of her son donning what appeared to be the most incredible pair of tights that I had ever seen (seriously). I immediately followed the link under the photo to Slugs & Snails, an Irish business solely operated by a couple who design and sell colorful patterned tights designed with little dudes in mind! At the time they seemed too good to be true — tights designed for boys? GET OUT OF TOWN. Goodbye buttons and zippers that make toilet training even more bothersome, and hello adorable tights that double as insulation for rainy and cold days!

I asked Kathleen (one half of the Slugs & Snails dream team) a few questions about the tights — and she had a lot to say about them. Here's where you can get all of your boys' tights questions answered, starting with the big one: Why make tights for boys?


Where did the idea for tights for boys come from?

Our little boy was born in November and our house is on a very windy little hill, we had to think outside of the box in terms of keeping him warm and my mum suggested tights — we didn't think twice. Tights were the perfect solution, but we wanted some funky ones which weren't pink. After hours of trying to find some, I decided I would design my own. It was an idea that quickly spiraled into an ambition and a passion.

What makes your tights different than other tights that are available? Why are these tights better than just buying a pair of girl's tights and letting your son wear them?

Our tights are totally unlike any on the market at the moment. Girls tights most often have designs that end at the hemline as they are intended to be worn with a skirt or dress. We wanted tights that would look funky on their own when layering wasn't necessary, so we knit our designs all the way from the toe to the hemline. We use super soft and thick yarns that are combed and silicon washed, as this makes them comfy, removes the "itchy tights" issue I remember as a child, and they are pretty durable for the most rambunctious little person. We also have our super cute logo embroidered on the outside back panel — right on those chunky little nappy bums which makes them even cuter than they already are. For little crawlers, cruisers and kiddos learning to walk we have anti-slip soles which help with gripping and adding security on slippery floors.


What benefits do your tights have? Why should people be into them??

Our tights really are more than tights — almost all of our customers love them so much they use them exclusively as an alternative to leggings or trousers. They don't have the cold skin contact that so many boys experience from jeans and they stretch in all the right places so that children feel unrestricted but warm and comfortable. We use Oeko Tex 100 certified yarns and production so that we can be sure our tights are free from harmful substances and chemical dyes, which also makes them safer for kids to wear and helps us ensure our production doesn't damage the environment. We are launching our "Rollin' Road" design this season in organic cotton as we move closer to a complete organic range.

Where are your tights manufactured and what kind of materials do you use?

We produce our tights in Turkey and Europe so that we can ensure the production staff and the environment where our products are produced are not sacrificed in the pursuit of profit. We use a high cotton content — our current range is 80% cotton and our new collection 75% cotton. We wouldn't produce anything we haven't or wouldn't buy for our own little boy. Our son Noah is our production manager and has a say in all our designs and materials — if he gives us the nod we roll with it. This also helps us keep our designs appealing to children, as after all our CEO is three!


How should the tights be worn?

Slugs & Snails can be worn anyway: under trousers, with shorts or all on their own. They are perfect for baby slings and carriers, as they eliminate the impossible vanishing trouser issue we found we had with our sling, and those little exposed legs get that extra bit of comfort and warmth but also look super funky. They make a perfect potty training outfit — you can roll a pair up and store them in your car or bag and if any little accidents occur you don't have to worry as you have both trousers and socks all in one neat little bundle.

Another thing that makes Slugs & Snails so special is that the tights are priced across a budget-friendly spectrum — tights begin at €12.99 ($21.95), and prices for the "seconds" bin (every so often there's a mistake, and a pair of perfect tights ends up with not-so-perfect anti-slip print) begin at €5.00 ($8.25) and go up to €12.99 ($21.45). International shipping is €3.50 ($5.78) if you're getting 1-4 pairs, and GET THIS: Shipping to anywhere in the United Kingdom and Ireland is free for up to four pairs.

Parents of boys and girls alike (because of course we all know some girls love mushrooms and airplanes!): check out Slugs & Snails! Peruse the Slugs and Snails shop, follow Kathleen on Twitter, and join the biz on Facebook for all of the latest updates. The new line of tights has recently been launched featuring mushrooms, spiders, and cars — they're just WAITING for you to fall to pieces over them!

  1. LOVE. But is it wrong that my initial, split-second response to reading this post was "ooh, I wish we were having a boy so we could dress him in tights"?

  2. These are amazing, especially for baby carrier's. There is a similar (only unisex) product that is more like knee high's for those using carriers. They also have mittens that go up to the elbow-

    However… I want these now. Alot. Also for my girl, since I am tired of the pink deluge.

  3. I want these for me and my kid! But we're both too big for the current sizes available. I hope you expand your products to include bigger kids and maybe even adults in the future. 😀

  4. Ah these are awesome. I teach nursery and reception in the uk at a school where at least 50% of our children are from Poland/Europe and lots of the boys wear tights (from Poland) under their trousers at school (and without trousers at home) for added warmth and funkiness. I have been asked many times if I know of anywhere local to buy them so they don't have to pay postage from Poland or wait for return trips to visit family. Will certainly recommend.

  5. These are super cute. I just tried ordering some but looks like they have sold out since they were featured here. Good for them. Will keep my eyes open for when they have more.

    • Hello

      What lovely comments! We are so pleased everyone loves our tights too. We haven't sold out…yet, we have sold out of some of our seconds but we are adding to them this week so if you would like to email what you require I will have a look at the stock and let you know? My email is on the contact page of our website or you can message us via facebook ( :

  6. What a simple but so great and smart idea ! Just bought some seconds for my soon to be born baby boy and for my nephew! Can't wait for the new designs to be available.

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