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Updated Oct 12 2015
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the devotea of the month clubRemember when I introduced you to the delicious loose-leaf teas from our sponsor The Devotea? It was one of my favorite posts to write, as I got to sample The Devotea's wares!

I'm sipping on The Devotea's limited edition Raspberry Black Tea as I type. (OMG, obsessed with this one!) Because guess what turned up on my doorstep again? Another box full o' delicious teas! If you'd like to get surprise teas in your mail, then you're going to be really excited about this new Devotea development…

Introducing The Devotea's USA Tea of the Month Club!

I can't wait to try ALL of these bad boys!
I can't wait to try ALL of these bad boys!
You, your family, or the person you gift this to, will get regular delivery of The Devotea's fantastic teas for three months. The monthly boxes provide both The Devotea blends and some awesome one-off club-only blends, even previews of blends prior to their release, and a hand-dandy instruction guide as to how to perfectly steep each tea. (Perfect for tea drinking newbies, like me.)

All that for $48, which is basically $16 a month. I'd totally pay that much to get a happy package of surprise tea delivered to my doorstep, or to make a tea-loving friend super-happy.

Whether it's a gift to yourself or someone else, join The Devotea's Tea of the Month Club, and get surprise packages of deliciousness delivered!

To The Devotea: Thanks again for being an Offbeat Home sponsor. To the Homies: If you tried The Devotea, what where your favorite blends? Mine is the Raspberry Black, and their Two Tigers blend.

  1. Tempting! I need to work down the tea that's already in my desk drawer at work though (a mere five different kinds).

  2. Alas, another subscription box that doesn't do Canada. Probably for the best as I have a huge stash of tea already. Sweet gift though!

  3. Real talk: I never buy tea because I'm so worried about committing to a flavour I don't like (yes, I realize how ridiculous this sounds). But seriously — samples are my jam. And samples that are curated and sent to me? This is perfect for the tea-interested commitment-phobe in me.

    • Also great for when you have friends visiting–people LOVE to get to pick out what kind of tea to drink! (Or at least, my friends seem to like the options…)

    • Totally this. In New Zealand we have tleaf T store ( (and who also ship internationally!!!), who do samples for $2. You get about 4-5 cups out of a sample. It's so awesome. For my friend's bday I bought her 10 samples (along with an infuser and stoneware cup). That was last October and she's still going on them.
      My husband and I always buy a bunch of samples, that way we can buy a big lot of ones we actually like! Score!

  4. I looked around the Devotea USA and main pages, and couldn't find a contact link. I'm wondering about buying a gift box for my sister who lives in Germany. (And i saw the duckie tea infuser on the website, and i think if that showed up at my sister's house she, and her 4-year-old daughter Adelaide, would lose their shit. ha!)

  5. Done! I signed myself up for a year's worth. It could be my tax refund burning a hole in my pocket, but I'm pretty sure I'm just obsessed with tea.

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