10 healthy, brain-stimulating "at work"-outs you can do at your desk

I know, I know, you're too busy to exercise. You've got obligations, family to attend to, and not to mention that full-time job (that you may be at right now!). You're stuck behind a desk most of the day, so suiting up to go to the gym just ain't happening. Okay then, why not get a little exercise right there at work? Here are seven exercises and three stretches that you can do right now at your desk.


Part-time work means I earn less, but I live more

I'm not a lazy person. In fact, I love working. When I work, I work hard. I get shit done. But I've decided that having one job to go to every weekday, all the time, is just not for me. Maybe I can't leave behind my teenage anarchist ways. Maybe I'm a beatnik stuck in the wrong time. Maybe I just can't hack it. Or maybe there is a better way for me.


I caught that dream I was chasing. Now what?

Have you ever seen a little dog chasing a squirrel? Have you seen the look of surprise and bewilderment on the dog's face when it caught the squirrel it was chasing — almost by accident, it seems? Chasing a squirrel, or a dream, is fun. You're not risking a lot, because it's not like you'll actually catch it, right? But then you do. You caught the shit out of that squirrel! But now what? What do you do with this elusive concept of a squirrel, once you've finally caught it? Suddenly, it's real — and maybe you're no longer sure you want this squirrel.


Try a Vulnerability Day by watching these videos together

Personally, I'm not a roses kind of girl. And right now, our household doesn't have room for more stuff, nor do I really need chocolate to know I'm loved. But, getting the chance to take a break from the daily routine and sit with my partner as we watch relationship-relavent videos that's what I need. Here are a few videos that have worked better than roses and chocolate in getting our romance back…