For Sale By Owner: A secluded hand-built house with a spring-fed pool. Will trade.

My friend Rachel spends a lot of time fantasizing about houses. And stalking houses. She sent me this week's Offbeat Real Estate dreamboat: an "artistic" house in Idaho, now up for sale or trade. It's off the grid, a 1/2 mile from the road, and three floors on 12 acres — with the middle floor set up as a tile cutting/stained glass studio, it's perfect for someone who needs to get away and work for a while.

Imagining yourself in this home takes some work — the owner has a love of using flash and therefore, taking really unappealing photos. It's okay. I'll help you fantasize.


Buy a rough and rumble cowboy town on the edge of the wilderness

We've had our eye on offbeat real estate porn for a couple months now, but this is the first instance I've seen of an entire town getting a listing.

Scenic, South Dakota is on the map west of the Badlands and in a very isolated part of the US. It's hot in the summers there, cold in the winters, and you're a long way from anything. But you'd be the proud owner of a very wild-west saloon.