How can I start talking to my partner about opening our relationship?

I've been dating my wonderful boyfriend for six years and I love him very much. Over the last year though, I've started to change my beliefs on monogamy and have read quite a few books on polyamory (Including Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships). I really feel like it's a lifestyle I would like to pursue in some form, but including my current boyfriend. I've tried to ease into the subject with my boyfriend in the least threatening way I can think of (only relationships with other women, I've never mentioned other men), but he gets defensive and shuts the conversation down. How can we talk about this?


A polyamorous quad welcomes their first child

This is not a "normal" birth story. Which makes sense, since my family is not a normal family. Please note the lack of quotes that second time — it's with good reason. While every birth is unique in it's own way, and thereby not "normal", most families in the United States welcoming a baby go through a fairly similar experience. And we had some of that, but when you are a family of four polyamorous adults, nothing is "simple", "easy" or "normal" when compared to most people.