What can we do to get our pets ready for a new kid in the house?

So, you’ve got a baby or new child coming into your home — how do you get your pets ready?

10 reasons why getting a puppy when you’re pregnant is totally awesome

Even though she’s nicknamed Cat, this girl is one serious dog lover. Cat’s written up ten reasons why getting a puppy while pregnant could be among the best decisions you make.

When my son met Kate Moss

This weekend we did our first flight with the baby (he did great!) down the Bay Area where I was doing an Offbeat Bride reading. On Sunday, we headed inland to Napa to visit an old blogging friend of mine, and that’s where we met Kate Moss. Because oh yes: that hilarious skinny Brussels Griffon […]

Snakey maternity photos

“I had a 2 hour photo shoot done yesterday at my apartment. As soon as the photographer walked in and saw my snakes he was all about taking pictures with them.”

Kate at the organic blueberry farm

Thanks to photographer Lauren McGlynn for sharing this wonderful shot with me. She explains, “This is my friend Kate and her baby on her organic blueberry farm in North Carolina.” For two beautiful maternity shots from Lauren, keep reading… For more of Lauren’s wonderful photos, head to