How sex toys empowered me after trauma & shame

In December of 2009, I bought my first sex toy, and it was incredible. Here was an entire industry dedicated to the act of bringing my body pleasure. Not for anyone else, but for my own enjoyment. And it wasn't presented as secretive and embarrassing and shameful: it was bright purple. And for the first time, my body felt like mine and my sexuality belonged to me. Since then, sex toys have been an active interest of mine, and I've learned a lot about them — and about how important they are.


Stash your sex toys (but remember where the hell you put them)

We already talked about ways to hide your sex toys in plain sight by using household objects and even exercise equipment. This is great advice… except for if you're living with parents or roommates and you don't want to repurpose stuff they use! Living together will mean we know where things are, but we'll still want to hide our very-obviously-for-sex equipment. Let's take a look at some options for discreet and designated stashing!