6 ways I found time for my favorite hobby again after having a kid

I knew before my kid was born that I would get less sleep and have less free time after having a baby. I didn't realize how hard it would be to lose my creativity for a while. It felt like losing a piece of my soul. During what we've since dubbed the Era of No Sleep, I was exhausted. What energy I had went almost entirely towards caring for my family. I connected with friends and took breaks, but I did not drum, dance, or engage in any of the myriad of crafts I've always loved dabbling in.


Stacey and Joel: six years, three international moves and a baby

We took a month off for a honeymoon trip across Europe and sailed back on an ocean liner. A week after arriving home we moved from Vancouver, BC to Marin County just north of San Francisco, CA. We had two and a half years in that area just soaking up the organic good life. Joel got into competitive cycling and I went to art school in San Francisco and just immersed myself in art.


The perils and glories of being a stay-at-home-dad

Being a stay-at-home-dad can be an isolating experience sometimes. We don't quite fit in with the stay-at-home-moms and we don't quite fit in with the bread-winning dads. For me, isolation is the worst of homemaking's perils. I know many moms feel isolated, too, but my guess is that the dads among us experience it more often…


Sara and Nick: from a majestic movie wedding to adopting fur babies and parenting real babies

Since the wedding, we have purchased a house and adopted a couple of cats. My son is going into second grade. I'm currently pursuing Redken color certification and a cosmetology instructor's license. Nick left the university he used to work for and is currently working for a marketing firm. We are going into our third year as Old Marrieds, but we've been together for seven years total.