Stacey and Joel: six years, three international moves and a baby

We took a month off for a honeymoon trip across Europe and sailed back on an ocean liner. A week after arriving home we moved from Vancouver, BC to Marin County just north of San Francisco, CA. We had two and a half years in that area just soaking up the organic good life. Joel got into competitive cycling and I went to art school in San Francisco and just immersed myself in art.


The perils and glories of being a stay-at-home-dad

Being a stay-at-home-dad can be an isolating experience sometimes. We don't quite fit in with the stay-at-home-moms and we don't quite fit in with the bread-winning dads. For me, isolation is the worst of homemaking's perils. I know many moms feel isolated, too, but my guess is that the dads among us experience it more often…


Sara and Nick: from a majestic movie wedding to adopting fur babies and parenting real babies

Since the wedding, we have purchased a house and adopted a couple of cats. My son is going into second grade. I'm currently pursuing Redken color certification and a cosmetology instructor's license. Nick left the university he used to work for and is currently working for a marketing firm. We are going into our third year as Old Marrieds, but we've been together for seven years total.


Geeks Raising Geeks: a website for any geek helping raise a child + $50 ThinkGeek giveaway

Calling all geeks currently parenting or kind-of-sort-of-maybe planning to parent in the future: there's a resource out there for you. Geeks Raising Geeks is your dream mix of GeekDad/GeekMom and Buzzfeed: they've got everything from providing inspiration for geeky-themed rooms to offering lessons on how to be a gentleman that they learned from Super Mario Brothers. I know, right?!


It turns out my parents really weren't that bad

We choose our best and happiest pictures to populate our photo albums. Flipping through my baby scrapbook, you will witness my father’s disgruntled smile and my mother’s listless eyes. Most memories I have of my childhood resemble an under-developed Polaroid, with faded smiles and red eyes, in which no one is saying cheese. Mum and dad were raised in devout Catholic families. They met young and quickly vowed their eternal love to God and each other, and like good Catholic progeny, attempted to raise as many kids as they could. My parents were not well suited for matrimony, nor for procreation, at least not the way I remembered them before I became a parent.