How to live like a hermit crab: feeling at home in shared space

…You see, I'm 25, and I am financially and habitationally dependent upon my parents. I am not only living once again in my parents' house; I am living in my sister's (former) bedroom.

When I moved back into this house, my sister's bedroom was hers, and my bedroom was nonexistent. The room I needed to live in had decorated walls and shelves, furniture, clothes in the closet…I felt like it wasn't my home, like it was temporary. And that worked for me until I began to realize how detached it feels to be living in someone else's space and calling it your own…


3 quickie ideas for unconventional room dividers

When we lived in a studio apartment, we used an IKEA bookcase to divide our "bedroom" from the…front door area. (In retrospect, maybe putting the bed in front of the door was a poor choice.) BUT! I know how important and useful dividers can be in small spaces. I've got a few simple ideas.


How to build a Japanese-style heated floor desk

I'm all about floor-furniture like the kotatsu, a 14th-century invention used in many Japanese homes all winter. It's like the floor-oriented table often associated with Japanese homes, but with the added convenience of a heater and blanket. Sometimes I have daydreams about how awesome it would be to have one of these suckers. SO WARM. So cozy. None of the crampy discomfort of a western-style desk!

I've got a little floor-desk of my own going on, and this IKEA hack came just in time for me to play with.