Make a creepy, glowing light for your yard or a party

Halloween rocks, but it can be hard to find time to do anything around the house when you have limited time and money. In this post you’ll learn how to make a spooky light for a party or to set up a creepy yard.

Make your own nautical lamp using hemp rope

Megan’s mama, Lala, invented the lala lamp — this pretty, simple, nautical lamp made with a few ingredients.

It’s got a wide berth for customization, so once you read this tute, you’ll be armed and ready for lamp love.

Home decor lessons I learned from Burning Man

Whatever you may think of Burning Man, the way it creates a There out of Nowhere is truly remarkable… and there are lessons to be gleaned.

Nerdy-geeky-cool chandeliers, lamps and light fixtures bring personality to the ceiling

There’ve been so many nerdy, weird, awesome lighting designs popping up in my RSS feed, and I wanted a chance to look them over with you! My favorite? The handelier: a chandelier made of hands. GET IT?

Garbage lamp is made of garbage

Artist David Batchelor makes sculptural installations from objects found in the streets of London, hollowed, stacked, and given a new life as empty but brightly coloured light boxes or as unlit composites. So glowy.

One reader hosts an open studio tour, another makes driftwood useful, and there are a whole lotta clicky links in here

Also included: a hipster chandelier made of mason jars, cupcake wall art, and a documentary about Community Supported Agriculture.