The journey of trying to conceive with my wife has changed the way I identify as a mom

Even though Carly and I knew we would want to have children together, we never had serious how-to discussions until last summer. I had a dream that I was carrying Carly’s baby, and I wanted it so badly that I was crying about it as I shared my dream with her. This sparked our baby planning. Ideally, we would choose in vitro fertilization (IVF), pick a sperm donor, have Carly’s egg fertilized, and I would carry her baby.


So you just found out your teen is gay? Rule one: don't freak out

My parents "discovered" that I might be gay when I was 14. I left a Yahoo! chat conversation with my first mutual crush open, and my mother (being the vigilant snoop that she is) happened upon it. Now, don't get me wrong — I absolutely think monitoring your children's online activities is an ok thing to do. However, based on my own experience with my parents, I recommend calmly discussing any "questionable" behavior instead of attacking your child when he or she is expressing their inherent sexuality.