A stylist's tips for dealing with post-partum hair loss

After my baby was born, I lost about half my hair. Apparently this isn't uncommon, even though nothing I read forewarned me about it. Now its growing back, though, and my face is framed by a halo/ruff/mane of little half curls. They're too short to be pulled back, too numerous to be clipped back, and it's too hot to wear my hair down.


Got an old t-shirt? Use it to make a headband for yourself!

I saw this pin on Pinterest recently in which someone used a baby's old shirt to make a headband for the baby. "A-ha!" I thought, "How clever." Except I have a son, not a daughter, and dude isn't into wearing ANYTHING on his head — not even the scraps of his cool old clothing. Then it occurred to me that I don't need to have a kid to do this — I can chop up some of MY old stuff and give it a whirl! So I did.


8 tips for straight-haired mamas with curly haired kids

I have rampantly curly hair. And my daughter's hair is increasingly a frickin' clone of my own, in terms of structure, colour, texture, frizziness and pigheaded stubbornness. I thought that, for the benefit of any mama out there bringing up a little Taylor Swift, a little Adrian Grenier, or, god forbid, perhaps even a little Kenny G, I'd share some wisdom based on 31 years of personal experience.