Jack-o-lanterns last longer with one additional item from the drugstore

Halloween rocks, but it can be hard to find time to do anything around the house when you have limited time and money. This month, I’m posting several Halloween Hacks each week — really simple ideas to stretch your Halloween dollars and make the season spookier for all. If you have additional ideas, pop ’em in the comments!

Six ways to cool down — without cranking the A/C, getting in the pool, or turning on a fan

What food will help me cool off?! What can I do when it’s too hot to sleep? And how can tea make getting by in the heat easier?

standing desk photo

Turning a bookcase into a standing desk — super-perfect for the DIY-challenged

This is an embarrassingly simple project. Not a single item was purchased, nor a single tool used. I’m a hands-on, DIY kind of chick, but for this hack, you don’t have to be.