Pain and happiness: my mom died five weeks before the birth of my daughter

My mother died five weeks before I gave birth. Most people's birth stories begin when they go into labor, but my mothers death and the birth of our child are still inseparable in my mind. My mother's death was a tragic accident (carbon monoxide poisoning two days before the baby shower my mother had been planning for eight months) and it landed my father in the hospital. I always expected my mother to be here for the birth of our baby and the compounded loss was almost too much to bear.


Dealing with Mother's Day after the death of a child

I am feeling like a small canoe lost at sea. I am floating around, and I look rather normal up close. It is only unless you look a little longer and see the bigger picture do you see just how lost I really am. So here I go lost and floating around out into the greater world waiting for that stranger to boldly wish me a Happy Mother's Day. I will smile and say, "Thank you."