Let's hold hands and dream of finding these sparkly things in our stockings

Oh, you probably already know Gemvara, right? They're a longtime sponsor of the Offbeat Empire, and you might have seen posts about them on Offbeat Bride or Offbeat Mama in months past.

But today? Right here? Right now? I'm here to dig through their Holiday gift guide to find some of my favorite goodies that I think Homies might adore. I'mma focus on their more affordable stuff, because if I know anything about my Homies, I know that y'all dream big, but shop small. Let's do this thing.

Kinderling gives you a colorful spin on traditional silhouette portraits

Kinderling takes a regular ole silhouette and lets you totally personalize it into a digital masterpiece of your pleasing. Amanda, Kinderling's creator, uses patterns and textures to create pieces of art from personal photos. She has tons of designs to choose from (and is constantly adding new ones!), so whatever style you dig — she can make it happen.