Vintage modern housewares for people who are classier than me

We all know that my taste in housewares is sort of like my taste in shoes — loud, immature, and saturated with color. But sometimes I like to take a walk on the other side of the taste tracks… I like to pretend I'm a more classy lady. I like to wear ruffles, and headbands, and adorable champagne-colored ballet flats. In this alternate reality, I'm not allergic to cats, and I share my sun-drenched studio apartment with a tabby named after a painter. We do whimsical things like have tea parties together with vintage tea sets, and listen to sad music. In this fantasyland, my house is filled with stuff like this…


White elephant gifts people will actually LIKE (updated for 2019!)

In the next two weeks, thousands of White Elephant gift exchanges will unfold. There will be variants. Many people will completely forget to get a gift until the morning of the exchange, and many more will go home with weird combinations of stuff they don't really want — one year I got a scented candle and a pack of cinnamon out of the draw, and knew my boss must've swung by Walgreens over lunch.

If you're going to do something, why not do it right? Here are 10 ideas for random gift exchanges — five items under $20, five items under $10, and five items you can make or find in your home.