3 reasons why Superhooper will make hula hooping your family's favorite thing

Superhooper was started in 2002 by partners Lara and Droo. The pair now have two daughters who actively help handcraft and create hoops for customers and friends. This 100% family-run business is committed to quality hoop-making, out-of-this-world customer service, and giving back to the community as much as they can. If you've been reading the Offbeat Empire for a while, then you know plenty of couples love to incorporate hooping into their weddings, but we've yet to broach hooping on Families.


So you want to give running a try

No one would have ever called me an athlete. The only times I exercised was when I had to in gym class. But I always admired runners because they seemed so dedicated and driven. I tried giving running a shot half-a-dozen times, and quit a half-a-dozen times. Finally I decided to buckle down and do this. Here's some things I discovered along my journey…


10 healthy, brain-stimulating "at work"-outs you can do at your desk

I know, I know, you're too busy to exercise. You've got obligations, family to attend to, and not to mention that full-time job (that you may be at right now!). You're stuck behind a desk most of the day, so suiting up to go to the gym just ain't happening. Okay then, why not get a little exercise right there at work? Here are seven exercises and three stretches that you can do right now at your desk.