Yes, it IS possible to not know you were pregnant

The woman started the ultrasound and said, “Yeah, there is a heart beat.” My doctor in the ER asked how far along I was, and that's when it all started to sink in. The ultrasound tech said 38 to 39 weeks. I kind of understood what they were saying, and I soon realized I was going to need to tell my parents they were going to be grandparents that very day.

I am woman hear me ROAR!

I had a geeky list next to me timing contractions. Real labor or false alarm, I didn't know? Contractions started at 5am and were about four minutes apart. My man…..

HunnyDu's birth story

Daddy and Lyra are cuddling on the couch together, so I'm taking the time while I have it to tell of my birth adventure. My original plan was to have…..