My son, the elephant: Fostering an elephant in Africa

There was one Disney character that touched me so deeply, ruined me so wholly, that the effects are still in place today. I refer to Dumbo, the big-eared elephant. As an adult, I began to research the plight of elephants in captivity — in particular, those in circuses. Overwhelmed by the callousness and cruelty, and feeling powerless, I also researched ways I could help. This is how I came to foster a baby elephant.

7 reasons why SimpleRegistry can make getting what you need RIDICULOUSLY simple

A lot of you Homies might remember our long-time sponsor SimpleRegistry from when we've talked about them over on Offbeat Bride. SimpleRegistry is changing the way engaged couples (or non-engaged individuals with needs) create and share a registry. With cool tools that make registering for gifts fun and personable, y'all can create a registry that is reflective of your personality, instead of the latest inventory of the big box retail stores.

And since we last talked about SimpleRegistry, they've made quite a few awesome changes y'all might be interested in…


Nekkid Lady Party: My tips on how to host a clothing swap

About 8 years ago I moved from Portland to Seattle and realized I had way. Too. Much. Crap. I thought to myself, "Self, you can either donate to Goodwill or you can see if your friends want to pick through your stuff."

I chose the latter. Girlfriends came over, some brought over clothing and shoes, and thus Lily's Nekkid Lady Party was born. I'm here to tell you how to throw your own…


How to use your powers — and parties — for good

On New Year's Eve, we raised over $2,000 for a local food bank by dressing up, showing off, and getting cheerfully smashed with 30 or so of our best buds. We don't have loads of cash, a fancy venue, or any (particularly) super powers, so how'd we pull off this feat? By focusing on what we do have.