Zombiepocalypse Easter basket full of prepping supplies (and candy!)

Do you know how fun it is to prepare for the end of the world, zombie-style? It's my new favorite hobby! The best part is I never run out of gift ideas anymore (my husband is one of those impossible-to-buy-for guys). I'll use any holiday as an excuse to add to our collection. Here's what I put together to make Easter working with our prepping plans.


What pretty candies can I give out for Halloween?

Gorgeous food is great porn: fun to look at, SO fun to imagine eating. I've been thinking about these glossy candied apples our copyeditor Caroline sent me for a WEEK. I would love to give out a pretty candy of my own this weekend, but A: no time and B: would kids even eat it? Aren't parents training them to reject all things not packaged?

What's a good, pretty, yummy, fun candy I can give out that won't offend guardians and — even better — will be suitable for kids with nut allergies or gluten intolerances?