How my armpits inspired me to make conscious choices

I haven't shaved or waxed my armpits in five years. And, until recently, I hadn't given it all that much conscious thought, beyond the dull general awareness that I feel about my pit hair when I'm in certain settings. Today I'm going to talk about armpit hair, and plunge into the realm of conscious choices.


How a body painting model helped me love myself again

I assisted my new fella, the creator and editor of a Portland-based magazine, in securing an interview with a body painter. Being the self-conscious person I was, the thought of volunteering myself for this project was brief and fleeting. I figured there was no way my body could look good being painted like that, as it requires the model to be naked. However, over the six hours it took to paint her from start to finish, I started thinking very heavily about what I was seeing and feeling, and my epiphany started taking shape.


Does my "petite woman" stature mean I'll never be seen an adult?

I am a petite 27-year-old woman. My whole life I have looked younger than my age, and my size has always been a defining characteristic. When do I get to just be a normal adult woman? When I'm married will people start treating me with respect? When I have kids will I no longer be just a little person who miraculously does a lot of things? When will I be given the respect that I feel I deserve as a woman closer to 30 than 20?