Should I make my kid take lessons even if he hates it?

Last summer, I signed my eight-year-old son up for art classes. At first he really seemed to love them, but now he says they're "boring" and wants to quit. I don't want to force him to do something he's not enjoying … but I also really want to cultivate his creativity and appreciation of the arts! Should I let him bail, or keep encouraging him?

I took my five-year-old on a trip to Paris

Planning a trip like this with Ruby was a little daunting. I was excited to take her away to a foreign culture and experience it through her eyes. The Eiffel Tower! Walks along the Seine! Stepping into a tiny shop, sampling the wares, exploring the bits and pieces of life that make that somewhere else so exciting… but I was also nervous: how would she handle the two long plane rides there and back? Would we find a way to meet in the middle of how a child experiences a foreign place and how an adult does?