Why I’m never taking my dogs to the vet again

There’s no better testament to how much owners influence the behavior of their dogs than the vastly different experiences that Aaron (that guy I married) and I have taking our dog Jackson to the vet. Here's why I'm never taking our baby boy to the vet again…


Johanna & Gesche: From Swedish faery wedding to working hard (but not on their love)

Well not that much has happened or changed… We've been traveling, getting more tattoos, and decorating our apartment. We decided we're not ready for kids yet so we're adopting another kitten. Our love life hasn't changed much, neither has our every day life. Except that we have more time planning our time and future together now that we don't have to plan a wedding anymore (we were engaged for almost three of the five years we've been together before the wedding after all). We're both working full time jobs and between that and friends/family and the kittens, time just flies by.


One-lowsmanship, money anxieties, and being a work in progress

There is a great article that John Cheese wrote about what growing up poor does to your brain. It's pretty dead-on. One of the things is that when you have extra money, the desire is to spend it RIGHT NOW before some disaster happens and you have to use it to take care of that instead. For years, that was me. And then, after lots of soul searching and hard lessons, I went so far the opposite direction that my cheapness probably qualifies as a mental illness.


My dog has separation anxiety. Halp?

I need help. I have absolutely no idea how to calm down my dog that has separation anxiety. Our cat and other dog are his best friends and they stay home with him, so it's not like he's totally alone. Can any offbeat homies help me with my dog's separation anxiety? Someone tell me there's hope beyond medicating him.