Mouse poops helped me kick my coffee addiction

Some people might think this is blasphemy, but I gave up my coffee habit. I work overnights. I wake up when the rest of the world goes to bed. As you can imagine, it's not particularly easy to go to bed at 2pm. Nor is it easy to wake up at 9:30pm. I was intrigued when a radio DJ I follow on twitter — who works about the same hours I do — mentioned that he had given up caffeine for a while, and had never slept better.


Meal Planning to save money, time, and break your take-out addiction

My husband and I realized we had a bit of an addiction to convenience food and take-out, and it was costing us more than we were happy about. I did what any reasonable woman of the world with an internet connection would do and I went to Pinterest. After a couple different meal planning experiments, I've found a way to kick our take-out addiction!


What I learned from overcoming my addiction to Facebook

November of 2007 is when I first opened a Facebook account, and I was hooked on social networking. Then, when I was engaged, things got weird. — virtual harassment bled into real life creepiness. After that I started wondering how much I actually needed Facebook. So I deleted all my online accounts and learned a lot in the process.


Confessions of a kitchen gadget addict

My name is Ange and I have a serious addiction. It's time I joined a group of like minded addicts because I could use some help — should I get the turquoise toaster or the red one that matches my kettle?…

I have an addiction to kitchen gadets.