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Do the ads on Offbeat Home & Life bother you? Like, really bother you?

We’re exploring the feasibility of readers supporting Offbeat Home & Life directly. If shifting toward a more reader-supported business model turns out to be sustainable, then we can consider removing Offbeat Home & Life’s more interruptive monetization like in-image advertising and surveys.

We know that many of our readers strongly dislike interruptive advertising, so we’re curious to see if they will translate that into financially supporting the site. If we can get 1% of our site’s monthly readers to contribute $5/mo, we could remove invasive ads.

Now, a reality check: even with our couple dozen existing supporters, currently less than 0.0001% of Offbeat Home & Life’s monthly readers choose to support the site. This is why advertiser-supported business models are more common than reader-supported sites: very few of us are willing to pay for content online. We totally get it, which is why we built this business to be ad-supported… but if you really hate ads, you can be a part of changing our revenue model!

Using PayPal, we offer several ways for readers to support the site…

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Monthly or Annual Warm fuzzies

$5/mo or $50/year

This is your way of showing that even though you can read it all for free, you like the idea of going the extra mile to provide monthly or annual support for Offbeat Home & Life. These warm fuzzies contributions are recurring, and can be canceled at any time.

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Round of drinks for the editors:

However much you want!

It’s just a small thing, really. A one-time kick-in to say, “Hey, Offbeat Empire staff. I like what you do. Have a drink on me.”


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Other: $???

Do none of these options work for you? Do you live in a country PayPal doesn’t support? We’re always happy to scheme with you about ways to support the site.

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