Super Special Etsy Spotlight

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Bunny love!So if you have been stalking me on the internet, you may have noticed my husband is a Bunny, and I am a Kitty. We used a photo from this set as our Save The Date for our Porange Wedding, and we had these custom cake toppers made by Etsy artist Angela Tiara.

So when my baby was born I asked Angela if she could make us plushie version of the cake toppers, which were inspired by our animal suits. Well, she just finished them and O. M. G.!!!!!!!1!!plushies

Can you believe the cuteness???? I know I’m not the only one who loves stuff like this, and Angela is soooooo talented, I think there might just be some offbeat families who also need her services. So go look at her flickr page and behold the amazing stuff she can do. Then, come up with an idea for your kidlets, and prepare for maximum awesomeness!

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