Outfit yourself with inventive eyeware for adventurers from Steampunk Goggles

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slide-02-960x380Do we have any cosplayers, adventurers, time travelers, or just general lovers of the steampunk aesthetic in the house? Maybe some steampunk Offbeat Brides and grooms who need some wedding accessories? Allow me to introduce you to our sponsor SteampunkGoggles.com. I'm seriously in love their inventive goggles styles as much as I love the way they describe their shop:

SteamPunkGoggles.com is a safe haven for all who enjoy the more speculative pleasures of steampunk, teslapunk, Victorian fantasy, or what have you. If you are a newcomer, fear not! We welcome travelers of all backgrounds and experience here to our humble digital domain (yes, pun intended).
Mad Scientist Winged Steampunk Goggles
Mad Scientist Winged Steampunk Goggles
If you're new to Steampunk, you may be interested in the Steamship Pirate goggles — their most basic and affordable pair. It's perfect for leaving room for customizations! But, if you're like me, and customizing is not your strong point, SteampunkGoggles.com has done all the modifications for you on the rest of their goggles…

From the other over-the-top and super-detailed "Mad Scientist Winged Steampunk Goggles" (part of their Aristocratic Collection), to their Aeronautical Couture goggles that come with a light (part of their Military Collection) these fantastical glasses will be the talk of the convention, or the Faire, or your next costume party.

Head over to SteampunkGoggles.com and let me know which ones are your styles. (I'm digging the the Rebel Winged goggles, myself!)

  1. Someday, someone will figure out how to make me steampunky prescription glasses, and on that day, I will give them ALL THE MONEYS.

    • My husband Ed actually -has- steampunk prescription goggles. He made them around his old glasses (made with the bottoms of coffee cups, bronze paint, some leather scraps and hot glue). http://thoughtcheckgames.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/eape_309.jpg

      You cannot leave this man alone with a hot glue gun and any miscellaneous desk objects. It's like being married to MacGyver, if MacGyver were an arts and crafts master not a security consultant (give him chewing gum, paperclips and a little paint and you won't get a bomb, but you might get a Bob-Omb).

      SteamPunkGoggles.com's stuff looks neat! Might have to start saving up.

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