A couple years ago, I profiled Siouxzi (aka anditron) and Alan’s steampunk wedding on Offbeat Bride. The story got picked up all over the place, most notably Boing Boing.

This weekend, Boing Boing featured Siouxzi again … this time for her amazing maternity Halloween costume:

Aside from the amazingness of the costume, I highly recommend y’all check in with Siouxzi’s blog, The Pregonaut, where she admits to a classic Offbeat Mama sentiment: “We never thought we’d have a kid. We were wrong.”

She’s got great posts on the ubiquity of Bob strollers, feeling the baby move despite an anterior placenta, and her Discworld-themed nursery.

I have a sneaking suspicion (or desperate hope?) we’ll be seeing more of these two and their padawan on Offbeat Mama. In the meantime, explore The Pregonaut!

Comments on Steampunk bride becomes Star Wars mama

    • HA! Great question and one I don't have an answer for although I *think* it's the joy of internet handles and pseudonyms. I try to always refer to people by the names they're most currently using for themselves … but this IS a little confusing, isn't it?

    • We're a confusing couple! It's pretty much as Ariel said. Anditron comes from nearly 2 decades of irc #undernet through to LJ and other web stuff. Bob happened similarly. We still haven't gotten used to using our actual names online, at least I haven't and tend to flux back and forth between real and web names without even realizing it. :/

    • Thanks, I'm so lucky to have been a good ripe size at my favorite holiday to let her be a part of it. It worked out almost exactly as I wanted. Now if only I'd had the energy to actually go and stay for a bit to all the events I wanted to.

      • Ohmigod! A fellow Discworld fan! I read Where's my Cow to my daughter every night when she was a teeny weeny, now she's two, it's one of her favourite books!
        We'll start on the Nac Mac Feegles next…

        • We're huge Discworld fans. And yes the Nac MacFeegles give me glee beyond words. I bought Where's My Cow for my nephews in hopes it could be a fun sharing book for us both, but my brother I don't think understood it enough to make it a regular read. That's ok, cause we have a copy as well and plan to read it to her all the time as well. That's not my cow it goes Harrrumph!

          We were planning on a DW nursery but as I've discovered in being pregnant and making decisions, wait before doing anything (at least at first) we are now going to do something different (still super cute!) but slightly more baby appropriate. We actually decided to save the Discworld theme room until later when she can enjoy it more (and we *hopefully* own).

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