Get shopping discount codes that actually work from BluePromoCode

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Get shopping discount codes that actually work from BluePromoCode

By now I'm sure a lot of you know how much I love shopping on the web. The only thing that makes shopping in my underwear even more thrilling is using a special coupon code. That's why our newest sponsor is going to be my new shopping buddy!

BluePromoCode provides coupon codes and deals for everything under the sun. Unlike other janky coupon code sites, BluePromoCode's site is clean and minimalist, and the coupons are actually functional — go figure!

Let's go deal shopping, y'all…

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up for an account — you can choose to sign up with Facebook, or you can use your email address
  2. Follow stores to see them in your personal feed
  3. Save specific deals you want to use to your "favorites"
  4. Use coupons easily: for printables, just click "print coupon;" for online coupons, click "show coupon code" and follow the instructions
  5. Get reminded before your saved coupons expire, so you'll never miss a deal
I mean… look at all these awesome deals you'll get on stores you already love!
I mean… look at all these awesome deals you'll get on stores you already love!

Customize your deal-shopping experience

Go ahead and click the "Follow" button on any store you like (Target, Home Depot, Nordstroms, Converse, whatever). When you've followed all the stores you like in Top Stores, you may want to browse through their categories. Interested in women's clothing? Child safety? Gardening? The site has all those categories and way, way more. Your personal feed is where you can go to find all the new deals from the stores you follow, and stay up-to-date on what coupons your favorite stores are offering.

Save money on stuff you were going to buy anyway

BluePromoCode is a firm believer in never paying full price, and saving money in necessary areas so you have more money to spend in other, more life-enriching areas. In addition to following the big brands you know and love (Ikea! Marvel!), their site is also a great way to find smaller services and retailers you may have never heard of before. Or, you can click through the categories to find stores you may not have thought to check out.

shopping tips and insights

Get the inside savings scoop

BluePromoCode likes to provide you with all the information about saving dough that your heart desires, so their store pages are full of great tips. The "Inside Tips" section tells you how to save money, even outside of BluePromoCode. Examples of tips include whether or not the site offers deals on their social pages (with links to those pages, of course), numbers and hours for help desks, shipping policies, etc. How freaking cool is that?

Seriously, BluePromoCode just upped your shopping game. From now on, always check BluePromoCode before you go shopping, and never pay full price again!

  1. Printable and online coupons are really attractive. Sometimes I'm at a store on the fly and wonder if there's a deal, and don't have time to print a coupon. And other times, I'm at home doing a lot of comparison shopping and want to print out the best deal and go to the store armed with a great deal.

  2. Before I buy anything online I do a quick search to try and find a coupon code 🙂 So many of the sites you find with those kinds of things listed are always hit or miss.

  3. Is this only for 'Murica? Or does it have coupons for Canadian companies/Canadian versions of American companies/other countries stuff as well?

    • When searching for a US company I saw the Canadian version listed as well, so looks like Canadian versions of US companies do have discount codes available. As an experiment, I also searched for the first Canadian company I could think of (The Bay or Hudson's Bay) and found them listed so it looks like there are some Canadian companies as well.

  4. Coupon sites are great but keep in mind that some stores don't allow associates to accept them. My place of work, for example, has forbidden us to take coupons that aren't directly from our company sent to your email or from our website.

  5. This is pretty rad! I just hope they come out with a mobile app soon, a lot of the places I followed are places that I normally shop in-store at, so it'd be nice to have an app on my phone. ^_^

  6. Amazing, You have mentioned all all the required step to get a coupon. Coupon and deals always helpful for the online shopping. I really want to try this.

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