Stay positive, take control of stress, and rock your marriage with Message a Day

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message a dayDo you remember when Cat Rocketship introduced us to our sponsor Message a Day a couple years ago? If not, here's how it works:

  1. You sign up for Message a Day.
  2. Select a plan right for you, and customize when you hear from them.
  3. Message a Day sends you text messages focused on support and guidance.
  4. You are happier and more awesome.

Because going through life is so much easier with the right support and encouragement. And Message a Day has special ways of motivating you. What ways? Check 'em out…

In a state of gratitude:

Was your New Year's resolution to be less negative? Or to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive in your household all year long? Are you already feeling yourself slipping into those negative thought spirals? Then Message a Day's gratitude message stream should do the trick of putting you back on track and staying positive.

Taking control of your stress:

Are you in the midst of something really rough: Feeling overworked? Going through a divorce or a death in the family? Feel like you have failed at an important life goal? Overburdened with caregiving? Message a Day has put together a 16 week program to help you develop life habits and healthy coping mechanisms for managing stress.

Happy marriage, happy life:

Truths: Marriage can be hard, and daily therapy is expensive. But actively working on your marriage in a gentle, yet direct manner, guided by a daily prompt from Message a Day is an easy and affordable choice.

In fact, all of Message a Day's message streams are easy and affordable with plans starting at $4.95 a month! I mean, hell, that's like daily self-improvement therapy for the price of one of those awesome blended coffees. With topics like healthy lifestyles, grief and healing, sex, parenting, or getting bullied… Message a Day has the extra little encouragement you need. So go straight to Message a Day and subscribe to the message stream that'll help you get back on track!

As always, thanks to Message a Day for being an awesome Offbeat Home & Life sponsor!

    • The messages' appearance depend greatly on whether one has a smart phone or not…In the link at the top of the article, you'll see Offbeat's first blog post about Message a Day. There's a pic at the top of the post that shows a message on an iPhone.

      Additionally, each message stream product page on the site includes sample messages, though you still can't see what each will look like on your actual phone.

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