Seattle maternity photos from Jenny Jimenez

October 9 2009 | offbeatresilience
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Ok, so it's not a maternity boudoir shoot, but last weekend Andreas and I met up with one of my favorite offbeat photographers, Jenny Jimenez, to do a maternity shoot. AND IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

Photo by Jenny Jimenez
It's the Fetzllings family circus! Acro + maternity = good times. Andreas was worried about dropping me on the baby, but we managed just fine.

Thanks to the joys of pregnancy anemia, mine hasn't been an especially "glowy" pregnancy — unless you're talking about the glow from my pasty skin. But somehow Jenny managed to capture all the maternity magic, and none of the anemic corpse lips.

Photo by Jenny Jimenez
Note to self: spinning in circles in the woods will make you dizzy and weirdly high-feeling

I'm soooo happy with the photos, but really the process of taking the photos are a big part of that happiness …the shoot was just super fun. Jenny and her assistant Robin (who also happens to be her husband) made Andreas and I feel immediately comfortable and like we were just going on a stroll through the woods with new friends.

Photo by Jenny Jimenez
I simply can't IMAGINE why people keep asking if the baby's due any day. (Gah! HUGE!)

One of the things I really appreciated was that Jenny perfectly balanced letting us to do the silly stuff we wanted (like the acrobatic pose) while also giving thoughtful directions on what she wanted, making sure she got the best lighting and sweetest photos. If left to my own devices, I made the same stupid face in every picture — but Jenny wasn't afraid to say things like "Eyes down! Ok, hands up! Turn a little to the left!"

Photo by Jenny Jimenez
Yay, for Jenny Jimenez!

Seattle mamas, I seriously recommend y'all consider hooking up with Jenny. We all know she does wedding photos, but her maternity and family shots are amazing too. (And, well, I'm also very fond of her pet portraits, but now I'm gushing.)

It's soooo worth capturing the family-making moments before they slide on by…go grab yourself some Jenny.

  1. Beautiful photos, Ariel! I especially love the one of you and Andreas with sunlight behind you, just gorgeous. Congrats, and I hope you're feeling well!

  2. I love, love, love the pictures!! I'm jealous! If I were showing already by the time I got to Seattle (um, tomorrow), I definitely would've tried to get an appointment. I wonder if I can just put on a fake belly? LOL.

    And you are definitely glowing, my friend, anemia be damned.

  3. Question. Is the baby's last name going to be Fetzllings, and are you keeping the name "Stallings" after the baby is born? I'm sure a discussion on last names would be interesting to the Offbeat Mamas here.

    • I'm definitely keeping my last name. The baby will have both our last names (not hyphenated — one as a second middle name), although which last name we'll use as primary depends on which first name we pick. Dre's decided that his favorite first name goes better with my last name, but we're totally undecided at this point. πŸ™‚

  4. The acrobatic pose? Perfection. Actually, I can't decide which shot I like the best.
    My biggest "souvenir" from pregnancy is my belly cast. (I still haven't painted it. It sits in the corner of our bedroom and serves as a daily reminder of Possibility.) An offbeat photo shoot? What an excellent idea.

  5. Those are great pictures and I love how energetic you look in them! Anemia sucks!

    You're not huge! It's funny how people asked if I was due soon around the 6th and 7th month, then started to ask if there was more than one in there now that I am 8 months!

  6. These are just gorgeous. Just found the site. Congrats on the forthcoming baby! And I am so happy this site is here for when I finally adopt.

  7. Um, a round of applause for your fabulous pregnancy boobs! Sorry, but I just couldn't help but stare!
    Love the photos and envy your wardrobe!

  8. I absolutely LOVE these!!! You look absolutely stunning…I'm sure you've mentioned it, but when is your due date?

    And thanks for the link to the photographer! Holy inspiration, Mama!

  9. Hello and congratulations! I was just going through my itunes library when I cam across the electric skychurch songs that you sent me. I use to be a daily reader of your blog. When you made it private I "lost touch". I googled your name and found this blog. I am SO happy for you and your husband. I have a little boy that will be four in December. He makes me laugh every day. Being a mom is absolutely fabulous!!

  10. OMG that first picture is amazing, I look at it and automatically smile and feel warm fuzzies! I'm so happy for you! Have a future step son for now, will start "officially" trying for a baby about a year after the wedding >.< ^-^

  11. Beautiful.

    Your bebe is so blessed to have you and Andreas for parents!
    (and le sass for a furry sibling πŸ™‚

  12. Posts like this just make for a happy day. You and Andreas just seem so full of life and joy. Congrats on your wee one and top notch photos! (Your sense of style is aaaamazing!) *fantastic sigh!*

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