Can these science-themed clothes for girls change the world? (Hint: they already are)

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A wide array of styles from the Mommy and Me Collection

Here's the story of an awesome woman who did an awesome thing, and how we're all benefiting from it…

Jaya Iyer came up with idea for her company Svaha after she was unable to find a single space-themed t-shirt for her aspiring astronaut daughter. She realized if she was having this issue finding science-themed clothes for girls, other parents must be in the same predicament. (Hell, sometimes I — an adult woman with no kids to speak of — am in the same predicament.)

Instead of doing what I do (cry, lament, mope) Jaya teamed up with her friend and former ThinkGeek co-worker, Eva Everett, to launch Svaha (named after Jaya’s daughter)…

Periodic Table dresses from the Mommy and Me collection

Svaha started as STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math)-themed clothes for kids. But after they launched, they started getting flooded with requests from women in science and tech who also wanted the clothes for themselves. (Good to know I'm not alone!) The Svaha clothing line is aimed at shattering gender stereotypes. They want to teach kids and the adults that love them that it’s okay to like anything they want.

Java Code top and Robot Dino High Five tee — two good things that go great together.

All of the dresses are made from 100% organic cotton and dyes. All products in adult sizes go up to a women’s size 4X. And, let's cut right to the most important part: they have pockets! And, also most importantly, this one glows in the dark…

Glow-in-the-Dark Jellyfish dress and matching shirt

The best feature of these clothes, though, is the effect they have on the world around them…

“My two young daughters and I attended a children's science event this weekend. We were all in our new Svaha dresses and an unusual thing happened. The (mostly male) professors putting on the event all asked my four-year-old about robots and asked my seven-year-old about biology, and if she could match the skulls to the animals, instead of assuming she would think they were gross. It was an amazing reaction and I truly believe that the content of their clothing helped spark it. My daughters felt both beautiful and smart this weekend. What mom could ask for more?”

“I am a neuroscientist and I bought the neurons dress. My daughter loves that it glow in the dark and she wanted to learn about neurons. This was the first time I’ve even talked to her about my job and my research. Thank you for helping me inspire my daughter to learn about science!”

“I am 1 of 3 female engineers in a team of 200. I am proud of what I do and how hard I’ve worked to get here. I love Svaha’s STEAM Angels clothes because they let me show off both my feminine and geeky side in one fell swoop. Engineering should be more inclusive of women, and when I wear my Svaha dresses I am showing that women belong here too. And they have POCKETS!”

Svaha also makes gender-neutral, STEAM-themed clothes for babies too!

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  1. I love everything about this, but the java code top holds a special place in my heart. Mother's day has been solved.

  2. These are so perfect! And so needed! Thank You! Finally: a dress I would be comfortable wearing to work!

  3. I love this so much! Now excuse me while I go and shop for my 5 month old… and myself.

  4. I own two of their dresses (jellyfish and constellations, both of which glow in the dark), and they're amazing. They fit really well and the fabric is high-quality. I highly recommend them!

  5. I love these! I have two dresses for my daughter from Princess Awesome (dinosaurs and dragons!) and might have to expand our collection of geeky girl-wear to include some of these, too.

    • Thank you! I was trying to remember the name of the collective and couldn't. I bought my wife the "Half of all T Rexes" t-shirt years ago!

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