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October 5 2018 | arielmstallings

Hey, Homies! Some of you may have noticed some shifts in our posts here on Catherine and I have been making some changes with how we're managing the editorial on Offbeat Home & Life, and I figured I'd give a little bit more background about what's going on.

Some of you might know that this year I've been focused a lot on the development of my second book. If you're interested in this kind of behind-the-scenes biz stuff, I assume you're already following along with, but if not — here ya go! The book project has been through a couple different iterations, but the current title is Offbeat Resilience: Rebounding From Life's Shitty Set-BacksI'm co-writing it with Caroline Diezyn, who some of you may remember as the Offbeat Empire's copyeditor of many years.

As is often the case, I've barfed out waaaaay more content related to the book than there are actual pages of the book, so I've got a lot writings about stuff like grief, growth, aging, spirituality, fitness, mindfulness, psychology, sexuality, compassion, woo woo weirdness, cultural analysis, and more to share.

After musing on it for a while, I decided that the Offbeat Resilience topics have enough overlap with Offbeat Home & Life that I'm going to keep the book-related content here on this site instead of creating a separate domain. (Actually, does exist — it just points to the archive of posts on the site that are relevant to the Offbeat Resilience book.)

Going forward, Catherine and I will each be doing a post a week for Offbeat Home & Life… Catherine's will tend more towards pop culture meat and fun stuff, while my posts will be longer winded musings on, well, uh, the less fun stuff.

While Offbeat Resilience-relevant posts will just be going here on, I did decide to create a separate Insta account. I just didn't want to hijack @offbeathome's insta with pictures about depression books, stuff on my altar, and my dance videos, y'know? I'm not totally sure this is the right strategy, but oh well. I also used this as the opportunity to finally stop spamming @offbeatbride's insta stories with my midlife weirdness (because what newly-engaged 25-year-old wants vids of some 43-year-old lady talking about her dead dog!?) so I'm now posting my daily stories on @offbeatresilience.

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Transcript: Oh hi, good morning. My name's Ariel. Welcome to Offbeat Resilience. So, most of you are probably familiar with my work through #offbeatbride, which was my first book, that came out in 2007, which then became a website, bla bla. I worked on it for a decade then in 2015, HI SHITSHOW! First an ovary exploded ('cuz that's a thing that can happen), then I turned 40 (which is a reality check), then my partnership of 18 years very abruptly ended. So! [fart sound] There went that life. And I have spent the last three years putting shit back together. And because I'm a nerd, that's meant reading — endless reading. And endless doing. And endless growth… just *A LOT*. This project is hopefully a book, but also just sharing the process of putting things back together. I don't have any answers, but if you want to stumble along with me, by all means… c'mon in. #shitshowtoafterglow

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Ok, so jeez that was a lot to take in. Let's sum it up:

  • You'll see a few less posts here on, but some of them will be much longer, darker, and juicier
  • Follow @arielmstallings on insta if you like darker juicier stuff over there, are interested in the Offbeat Resilience book project, or just like my personal rambles
  • If you're already following @offbeathome on insta, it'll be biz as usual over there

Any questions? Thanks for stumbling along with us…

  1. Just a question because I'm not sure to get the "there will be less stuff here". Will Offbeat Home&Life be only about the book-related post? I don't mind that it stays here, I do think it's interesting and relevant (it's life after all), but I don't like the idea of seeing less posts here. 🙁 What is the reason?

    I love the Offbeat sites, after my wedding I switched to Offbeat Families at the time (I'm still following Offbeat Bride but I don't read everything) and I love the food for thoughts and window to other perspectives and ways of life that I find here. Thank you for all this, I hope it will keep on going for a long time!

    • Heya! Thanks so much for the question.

      The plan is for Catherine and I each to be writing at least one post a week. Mine will be the stuff relevant to the topics in Offbeat Resilience (to clarify, they won't be posts about the book), and then Catherine will write about whatever she wants (here's the kind of stuff she usually writes about!).

      We had been doing 5 blog posts a week, so this is a down-shift in terms of the number of posts — although probably not word count, since my posts tend to be looooooong. As for why? It's just a question of priorities. Catherine only has so many hours a week, and Offbeat Home's new blog posts don't get the impressions of other channels that she manages (like, say, Offbeat Bride's instagram feed), so it was just a question of prioritizing her time on the channels that match our content marketing strategies.

      …Which of course are always changing, to keep up with the changing ways folks use the internet, and the changing kinds of writing/work I'm doing, etc etc. We'll see how this works. Thanks for your patience with us as we figure it out!

      Most importantly, thank you for reading. It means the world to me. <3

      • Will there still be guest posts here? I've been enjoying hearing about other perspectives from the offbeat community, in addition to your content. (How do you find guest contributors?)

        • We would LOOOOOOVE to be featuring more guest posts, but the reality is that we receive very few submissions. We don't have the resources to go out and recruit guest posters, so we've always been mostly at the whim of what's submitted to us… and submissions have dwindled to almost nothing. (It's a different era on the web than it was in 2011 when this site launched!)

          That said, we'll absolutely still be featuring guest posts that come in that are a good fit for the site! If anyone reading this is inspired, BY ALL MEANS PLEASE:

  2. I've been loving this site forever and it was wild to notice the shift in myself and the site when Instagram and Facebook got more popular. I've been off social media for a few months now and I noticed how few comments there are on posts here now…
    My life is also very different than it was then and I am totally with you on reading my way through terrifying life changes. I'm excited to see what you share. Thanks for all your work.

    • Yeah, it's been super interesting to watch the shift… Forums used to be a thing, then blogs, now social media (first Facebook, then Pinterest, now Instagram), and soon enough it'll be something else.

      For me as a publisher, it's an interesting game of trying to market the content to build traffic to where I *want* people to see it (ie, posting links to our posts from Facebook, hoping that they'll click through) vs. focusing on putting the content on the platforms that people are naturally using (ie, posting on Instagram as a standalone content management system, because "link in bio" does NOT work). How much energy do I want to try to convince people vs. just going where they don't NEED convincing? How much do you lure eyeballs to where you are vs how much do you cater to where the eyeballs already are?

      Based on the ways I use the web these days, it makes sense to me that pretty/visual stuff belongs on Instagram, and long-form thoughtful writing belongs on blogs. I don't want to read an 800-word Instagram caption any more than I want to click around to 100+ different blogs to look at photos. So it makes sense to me with Offbeat Resilience to post visual stuff on Instagram, and long-winded essays here on

      I'm excited to see how it goes… Thanks for all your reading!

  3. You write, "I also used this as the opportunity to finally stop spamming @offbeatbride's insta stories with my midlife weirdness," which makes sense.

    And maybe it's because I'm in my mid-30s (between the two groups you mention), but I *liked* the mix of "midlife weirdness" and wedding inspo/pretty things/etc on @offbeatbride's IG.

    It's been hard for me to get used to the change in IG story content. Yes, I know I can still find the "midlife weirdness" on @offbeatresilience, but that is now a bit too dark and juicy for me. The little taste that there used to be in @offbeatbride's IG stories was just right.

    Because I'm Goldilocks, apparently?

  4. Yo – Just wanted to say thanks for the peek behind the curtain. I've been a fan from the beginning, and I'm going through some weird existential shit too, and I think it's cool that you're diversifying the content a bit.

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