I want to buy out RockerByeBaby’s ENTIRE STOCK

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rockerbyebabyYesterday on Offbeat Bride, we profiled Amber, a tatted-up bride who runs the most adorable Etsy store called RockerByeBaby. And holy shit, this stuff is CUTE people. They’ve got blankets ranging from rockabilly, to sugary guitars, to vintage tattoo, pirates and guh: more. Much more. They’ll do custom crib bedding that’s so awesome that I’m now debating spending the baby’s college fund seed money on bedding.

Check out the RockerByeBaby blog or @rockerbyebaby where you can follow along with the excitement … which includes totally being featured in Parenting Magazine, what-WHAT!

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  1. A few months ago, I purchased a gift set from RockerByeBaby for My Favorite Baby, and it was everything I hope for and more. Amber worked with me to find a perfect gender-neutral/punk/animal fabric, and she did so graciously, quickly, and for a fair price. (BONUS: supporting independent artists and getting stuff way cooler than in any store!)

  2. I involuntarily snap-clipped on the advertisement and squealed with delight at everything I saw on the website. I want, I want!

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