Preorder the new book from Offbeat Home's publisher, and enter to win a luxe Shitshow Survival Kit


Hey guys! It's me, Ariel — the publisher of Offbeat Home & Life. My new book, From Sh!tshow To Afterglow, publishes on July 21st. It's about how to rebound after loss, grief, and the other cruel crises life throws your way — it's sorta the anti-self-help book.

To encourage everyone to get their copies of Sh!tshow ordered now, my publisher is hosting a preorder sweepstakes, and I want one of you to win!

The Sh!tshow Survival Kit

I lovingly assembled this package, and I'm so excited about it. Here's what's included in the Sh!tshow Survival Kit:

  • Luxe gold-embossed Moleskine journal
    Great for self-reflection and doing all that brutal ego-dismantlement work!
  • Hand-stamped raw brass hoop earrings by Seattle jeweler Squirrel vs. Coyote
    One earring is stamped with the word SHITSHOW, and the other says AFTERGLOW. You can wear them both or go asymmetrical and rock just the one that shows where you're at in your process on that particular day!
  • Handcrafted AFTERGLOW meditation candle by Virginia candlemaker UNLAX
    The hand-blended soy candle smells like a custom blend of sandalwood, amber, and nonduality!
  • 3-month membership to The Afterglow
    This is my new membership program with exclusive weekly mailers, and massive members-only archive filled with essays, audiobooks, guided meditations, deleted scenes from Sh!tshow, and more.

How to Enter

To be entered into the sweepstakes, fill out the form with your contact info and a preorder receipt number. The sweepstakes ends 7/20/20 at 11:59 pm ET. My publisher is administering the sweepstakes, so if you have any questions about it, email them.


  1. Is the book available to pre-order outside the US? I’m boycotting Amazon and the other options don’t seem to cover Europe. Can’t wait to read it, so crossing my fingers there is a way for me to get hold of it!

    • I fully support boycotting Amazon, and the reality is that they're not doing international preorders anyway, due to COVID-19. I'm hearing different things from folks who are trying to pre-order in Europe… One reader in Stockholm reported that she was able to find the book on Adlibris (an online bookseller in Sweden) but there wasn't a pre-order option, just a "notify me when it's published" option.

      I'd suggest calling your local indie bookseller and asking them directly! Buying local is so important these days, when so many indie booksellers are struggling. The book is definitely distributed internationally, and my general understanding is that most international booksellers can order a copy for you… but presale options may not be available. The book is released on July 21st 2020, so it's not long to wait.

      ALL THAT BEING SAID, sadly the sweepstakes that Hachette is only open to US residents. I pushed back to see if they could open it up internationally (15% of my readers aren't in the US!), but they said they couldn't, due to sweepstakes laws. 🙁

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