Advertising on Offbeat Home is a little bit different. This FAQ should answer all your questions about how it works…

How much does placement cost?

Check out our rate sheet.

Who can I reach by advertising with Offbeat Home?

  • 880k pageviews a month
  • 510k unique visitors a month
  • Top 10 city markets are New York, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Sydney, Seattle, Melbourne, Portland, Austin.

Can anyone advertise with Offbeat Home?

No. Unlike many web advertising venues, we actually care about how our advertisers’ campaigns do, and we won’t accept an advertiser’s money unless we truly believe you’ll make it back from our readership. We are proud to proud to say that every single business who’s purchased an advertorial has made their money back.

We’re selective about who we feature. This is part of the service we offer to the readers of offbeathome.com — we act as an editorial filter, which is a benefit for both readers and advertisers. Readers find vendors, products, and services aligned with their values. Advertisers, meanwhile, receive the added credibility of editorial recommendation and don’t waste their money on a campaign that isn’t going resonate with the readership.

Is paid placement the only way to get my business on Offbeat Home?

While business owners are always welcome to submit their work for editorial consideration, we receive many submissions and we can feature very few. Paid placement is the best way to ensure you get on the site in a timely fashion, and the best way to make sure we focus on promoting you and your business.

I’m doing a contest/giveaway — will you promote it?

Yes, but only as part of a paid campaign.


Where do banner ads appear?

Banner ads rotate two to a slot in the right sidebar on all Offbeat Home pages, under where it says “Sponsors.”

Do banner ads use a direct link?


What do you mean when you say your ads “rotate”?

This is by far the most frequent confusion from our advertisers. “Rotating” means that there two or three ads that cycle through each ad slot. Each time a reader loads page, the ads will be shuffled through the slots. Since there are multiple ads rotating in each slot, this means that you may not see your ad the first time you load a page. Reload the page, and you’ll see that the ads shuffle.

When will my banner go up?

Banners go live automatically as soon as payment is made. Due to caching, sometimes it can take 10 minutes for your ad to go into rotation, but it’s generally pretty immediately. If you don’t see your ad, remember that our ads ROTATE. Refresh the page a few times, and you should see your ad.

Can I change the image in my existing banner ad?

Yep! Each week you’ll receive an email with a link to your Advertiser Dashboard, which includes both your statistics as well as a way to update your banner or text ad.

Can I track how my ad is performing?

Yes. You’ll receive a link to your Advertiser Dashboard via email when your ad is first paid for, and then again each week that it’s running. These click-through statistics are available to you so you can track how your ad is performing.

Sponsored posts

Where exactly do sponsored posts appear?

Your sponsored post appears as a post on the homepage of offbeathome.com, in-line with quality editorial content read by thousands of daily readers. In addition to appearing on the website, your sponsored post is also pushed out to our other channels including:

Are your sponsored post rates monthly? How long will my business be on the site?

Rates are for sponsored post campaigns that stays on the site forever. With sponsored posts, you’ll receive the most clicks during the first week, but will remain in our archives forever. Sponsored posts are never deleted from the site, which means readers can always find them.

Who writes sponsored posts?

We do, which is part of the cost. We treat our advertisers like PR clients, and offer our copywriting services as part of the advertising package. Our founder has over a decade of experience as an award-winning copywriter and web marketer for industry giants like Amazon.com, Disney, and Microsoft, and applies these techniques to your post. You give us the keywords you want us to hit, and tell us what features and benefits of your goods or services you want us to touch on. We then write the post about your product.

Do I get to approve the sponsored post text before it’s posted?

Nope. We promise to hit on all the keywords, features, and benefits you specify, but we do so in our own words, in our own way. In many years of sponsored posts, we’ve yet to have a client who’s unhappy with the post!

Can you help me figure out a fun offbeat promotion to go with my post?

Yes, with some limitations. We’ve helped advertisers do everything from promotional offbeat discounts all the way to co-sponsored contests, but always with the caveat that

Can I do a giveaway as part of my sponsored post?

Absolutely! Linking to a giveaway on advertiser’s website is a great way to give our clients a huge traffic spike. That said, we do not administer any giveaways — we promote/link to a giveaway on your own website, funneling potential clients to your site. We do not run giveaways that involve entrants leaving comments on our site.

Can I do multiple posts?

Yep. Although the post is archived forever on the site, you’re welcome to run additional sponsored posts with updated information, new promotions, etc.

Will the links to my site be followed by search engines?

No. We respect Google’s stance on paid links and use “nofollow” links in all our sponsored posts. This ensures that neither our site nor yours gets penalized for any perceived SEO rule-breaking. Trust us, you want to make sure Google knows we’re being cool about our links. Here’s more information from Google about avoiding perceived linking schemes.

Can I update an old sponsored post?

Yes, but there’s a fee associated. Once your advertorial is published, the text is considered locked (barring egregious errors). We can make updates to an old advertorial if you purchase a new advertorial. Please understand that this is an issue of scale for us: since we work with hundreds of businesses, it’s simply not feasible to provide updates without a fee.

My ad isn’t getting as many clicks as I want. Can I get a refund?

No. We do not guarantee clicks. We’ll ensure that your ad gets within the average number of impressions, but we are not responsible for how your ad performs. Purchase at your own risk.

Whew, got all that?

Alrighty then, LET’S DO THIS THING!

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