Postcardly lets you send customizable postcards from anywhere you can send an email

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An example of a postcard you can create with Postcardly.

Even though it's 2011 and many of us are more digitally connected than our grand-parents ever thought possible, there are still plenty of people that prefer to get their family updates and friendly mail the old-fashioned way. This is where our sponsor Postcardly can help you out! And luckily for you, they've got a special offer for the first fifteen readers who jump on it.

Postcardly lets you send actual, real-life postcards (sent by the U.S. mail and everything!) from your computer straight to Uncle Tom's janky old metal mailbox — or anywhere else you want it to go. It can be as easy as snapping a photo with your phone and emailing it — Postcardly takes care of the rest. People with anti-computer family and friends rejoice: this is brilliant!

Postcardly is really this straight-forward:

  1. Sign up!
  2. Pick a payment plan: Postcardly currently has three. You can pay $4.99 a month for five postcards, $9.99 a month for fifteen postcards, or a one-time charge of $19.99 for 20 prepaid postcards.
  3. Set up your address book! Postcardly address books work just like your email address book does — you even send your messages to an already established email address or one that you set up in your address book (e.g.
  4. Write your message! You write the postcard just as you would any old email, and you can send it from anywhere in the world, and to any U.S address and all overseas locations that receive U.S. domestic mail (like Puerto Rico and Military Post Offices with APO or FPO addresses).
  5. Send!

The best part about this service? You can customize your postcards! So if your girlfriend's been out of the country for a few weeks and you guys haven't been able to see one another, you can snap a photo with your phone, email it to the Postcardly address you created for her, blammo — the photo gets turned into the front of the postcard!

BONUS: all new Postcardly customers get a three-postcard free trial, and Offbeat Mama readers get an extra special deal:

Postcardly is offering a promo deal to Offbeat Mama readers — 15 FREE postcards for the first 15 readers who use promocode OFFBEATMAMA at checkout — no credit card required! Fifteen isn't that high of a number — hurry up and take advantage of the promo now!

  1. Hey! One of the founders of Postcardly is my neighbor and I got to try this out in beta. It WAS great for sending pictures of the new baby to grandparents (even though they've joined Facebookland they loved getting these in the mail). Based on feedback, Postcardly added the prepayment option which I think was great payment plan addition.

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  2. WOW!!!! I have sent 4 postcards in the last 4 hours and can't wait until my grandparents get the new baby pics! Thanks for the promo!

    1 agrees
  3. Sounds like a cool option!

    (I have no idea as to the actual percentage of your non-US readers, maybe there aren't that many. If you wanted you could mention though, that this doesn't work for them (yet) because while you send via email, and therefore from anywhere, the actual cards only go where US domestic mail goes.)

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  4. Extremely cool! I will definitely sign up for this when I am traveling. I recently spent an hour wandering around Winnemucca, Nevada searching for a postcard to send my five year old. Doing it from my phone would have been SO much better.

  5. I love this service! I just used it to announce my engagement and plan on using it when the littles arrive!

  6. I just signed up and I am so excited! My hubby is deployed so we're always trying to find new ways to stay in touch. The other boys at the FOB are gonna be jealous. Thanks so much for highlighting this awesome service.

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