My favorite family pix from Pixie Vision Productions

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IMG_3965_smallI’ve featured Pixie Vision Productions‘ wedding photography on Offbeat Bride, but who knew that Pixie also does fucking awesome offbeat family portraits?

I mean, I guess I should have guessed … after all, those offbeat weddings often go on to produce offbeat families!

That said, Pixie’s unique spin on unique families produces portraits that totally inspire me…

Maternity photos that truly capture the vibrant personalities of the mamas! Family portraits that somehow feel like they magically encourage each member of the family to be themselves!

To peek at a few of my very favorite shots from Pixie’s family gallery, keep reading … or, just head straight to Pixie’s site and start dreaming of how she’d capture you and YOUR offbeat family.

Now that's MY kind of maternity mama!
Now that's MY kind of maternity mama, as perfectly captured by Pixie Vision Productions

Pixie’s based in So Cal, but I know she’s up ‘n’ down the West Coast all the time.




PS: We’re always looking to feature the work of professional photographers who specialize in shooting nontraditional families. If you’d like to share your work, go ahead and submit it to the Offbeat Mama photo pool, or email us!

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  1. I heart Pixie so much! She shot our wedding, has become a dear friend and now, at 39 weeks, I'm thinking I need to get her over here to shoot me preggo before the belly goes away! She's so fun to work with and she always manages to capture the true spirit of her subjects! 🙂

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