Help create a charity and community-oriented café in Portland

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Portland, Oregon-based Homies, does this sound like something that would interest you?:

You walk in to Halcyon Cafe and smell fresh flowers. By the door is a cozy living room set-up by a full bookshelf. A sign hangs near it that states:

Please leave books that are socially, spiritually, ecologically, or otherwise conscious.
Or really friggin' funny. Or pretty.
This works like a penny tray – and life in general,
please leave some or borrow some, but do both somewhere, sometime.

The bar is behind that, and it's shaped all funny — so is the long table behind it. They are both scalloped, curving in and out so that patrons face towards one another. Good spot to meet people.

The walls are teal, covered in vintage treasures and original art. There are silly games like Set and Battleship as well as magazines spread out through the cafe. You spot a patron picking up a sketchbook labeled "Halcyon Doodles" and some markers.

There is a fundraising thermometer near the bar next to information about a project that will benefit the community. The person behind the bar smiles and waves as they change the music from The XX to K-os. You decide you better stay for a treat… or, like, ten.

Sadly, Portland's Halcyon Cafe doesn't exist yet, but with your help you could bring that charity and community-oriented café to life.

The Halcyon Cafe has been our sponsor (and fellow Offbeat Homie!) Meghan Grunow's long-time dream. Now she's finally started an Indiegogo campaign to make it happen. Become a part of creating Halcyon Cafe's beginning and check out the bonus goodies like stickers, pint glasses, and awesome artistic perks.

Those of you who would love a local café that will raise money for charity and community projects in Portland, host creative-centric events, all while serving up tasty and conscious treats, you can do two things:

  1. Share this post with your local community to spread the word.
  2. Check out "Halcyon in Gifs!" and all of the awesome content on her site!
  1. Oooh, fun! Looks like they have an event tomorrow, I'll have to try to make it… This town is just out of control, there is so so much awesome here!

    Thanks for the feedback, and let me know if you have any ideas on spreading the word!

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